1999 Fixed Roof Coupe (FRC) with Z06 (LS6) drivetrain

-built specifically for Time Trial Competition

My Stuff For Sale - Updated 4/26/2013

Racing history of the car; click here

Various exterior, undercarriage and interior pictures

Trailer pictures - updated 3/31/13

Tow Rig - 2001 Ford F-250 crew cab, 7.3 Liter PowerStroke diesel

Tentative 2013 Race Schedule:


12/6/2012 - Aamco of Middletown does clutch and transmission swap (from M12 transmission to MN6). Click here for pics and details

1/11/2013 - I purchased previously used front and rear Wilwood brakes. 1st Class Alignment & Repair did the expert installation. Click here for pics and details.

1/27/2013 - Eric and Joey at 1st Class Alignment & Repair started swapping parts from the blue car to Snowflake. Pics here.

3/5/2013 - Jay and Bruno at Orange County Automotive do their magic with a new paint scheme for Snowflake. Pics here of the progress.

4/1/2013 - Phoenix Performance goes over the car for final settings and safety inspection. Install diff cooler, corner balance, alignment, center console switches. Pics here.

4/10/2013 - Julio at Cartek does his tuning magic. Dyno chart here.

4/13/2013 - Dave at D&M Signs applies custom graphics. Pics here.

4/14/2013 - Autocross with MSNE. Pics

4/20/213 - NJMP Lightning with NASE NE. Won with 1:11.0. Pics and video

5/4/2013 - Maintenance and prep for next event. Shimmed calipers (had rotor to caliper contact), steering rack boots contacting T1 sway bar, poly bushing snap ring popped off. Pics.

5/18/2013 - NARRA Time Trial at Watkins Glen. Near disasterous spin out but new personal best. Pics and video

5/25/2013 - Prepped car for next event. Flipped the front pads, put heat tape around some wires near exhaust, oil and filter change (Mobil 1 5w/30), and tried to seat upper bushing on drivers side with a band clamp. Noticed C1255 error code; will have to keep eye on that. EBTM internal malfunction. Did it on my last corvette. Researching EBCM and ABS issues here.

6/8/2013 - Mishap at NJMP. Pics here

7/22/2013 Phoenix Performance - alignment, corner balance. Pics here

7/25/2013 - Prepping car for NJMP. Pics here.

8/3 - 8/4/2013 - NASA TT @ NJMP Lightning. 3rd place both days. Pics here.

8/17 - 8/17/2013 - NARRA TT @ Pitt Race. 1st place on Saturday and 2nd place on Sunday. Pics and videos here.

9/28 - 9/29/2013 - NASA TT @ Watkins Glen. 1st place both days. Pics here. Also changed up the catch cans' petcock valves; click here.

10/26 -10/27/2013 - NASA TT @ NJMP Thunderbolt. 3rd place on Saturday and 2nd place on Sunday. Learned a lot but wasn't consistent enough to get top spot of podium. Pics and video here.

11/2/2013 - Car cleaned up and all vinyl removed. Pics

Tentative 2014 Race Schedule:

12/25/2013 - Bought used Penske 8300 shocks. Pics here.

4/10/2014 - Prepping car for the track. Checked alignment, changed valve springs, new fluids, some new body parts and paint. See pics here.

4/28/14: Crashed at Watkins Glen

Sold to guy in Florida, who sold it to a guy in the mid-west. 2016: New splitter and wing installed:

Some vids from the new owner:

Jan 9, 2016 Race Group:

Recognize the car in front?

Charlette goes to Auto Club Speedway. NASA ACS Sunday Race May 2016: