8/17 - 8/17/2013 - NARRA TT @ Pitt Race.

Went to Pitt Race last weekend with NARRA. 1st place on Saturday and 2nd place on Sunday.  Small track. Very bumpy in spots.
Video of my fastest lap this weekend (Saturday) followed up by a spin at the end going in a downhill turn (less traction going down a hill; got on gas too early and too hard and there are bumps there to make it all worse):


This is the same hot lap as above but from the rear-mounted camera of the car in front of me. My spin is 2:35:


Saturday after the 2nd session, my car was dripping tons of oil. Seriously lucky that it didn’t catch on fire or cause me to wreck or blow the motor due to low oil level. We found a pool of oil where I gridded before we went out on track (that’s how they knew it was me; the oil pool was in my grid spot). We found the oil cooler line was leaning against the exhaust manifold and was leaking. Removed it and took it to local raceshop down the road form the track and got a new braided stainless steel line made, missed the 3rd race session, but finished it up 5 minutes before the last session of the day and that is when I ran my best time. See the pics attached with my oil stained shirt on the podium. Big Thanks to Thai for helping me swap out the line!!!!!!!!!!

But I also had a different oil leak on Sunday and tires were going away so quit after 2 sessions.
This time the oil was leaking from the driver’s side valve cover gasket and the passenger side valve cover port that is capped. I was exhausted and called it a weekend. 7 hour drive home and all.

9/7 Update - The oil leak wasn't from the valve cover gasket; it was that stupid little cover on the vent tube on top of the valve cover. It had a rip in it. I found it yesterday while I was changing the valve cover gaskets Too bad I skipped the last 2 sessions because of the oil leak. Oh well. At least I got a look inside my motor and it's super clean

Took home 3 pirelli slicks as prizes.

Friday tech: 1634 lbs over the front = 50.99% over the front, 49.0% over the rear. Might have improved if it was full of gas but 5/8 is a more realistic fuel level that I track with.

WIth this much gas:

Making new oil cooler line at the Race Shop on Saturday:

Saturday results - 2 tires, 1st place, busted oil line and oil all over my pit area:

Some grass from going off-track in the last session on Saturday:

Saturday Podium:

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Sunday Podium:

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Thai's best went 1:01.5:

Joe's beast went 1:01.2 on Sunday for 1st place:

Beautiful Lotus Cup Car in my class went high 1:03's:

Weekend over:

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