April 20-21, 2013 with NASA NE at NJMP Lightning

Saturday was a learning experience and I really eased into the car so best was only 1:13.2 on last years 275's. First 2 or 3 sessions had wet track in one section.

Sunday I leaned on her more and got 1:11.9 on last years 275's and then 1:11.0 on sticker 275's (which was good enough for 1st place):

Being first event with this new-to-me car, there were some teething issues:

1) Wilwood front calipers need to be shimmed a little because there was slight contact with the top of the rotor
2) Pfadt poly bushing issue (same as I had with my old car last year) - c clip retaining thingy popped off front upper (rearward one) control arm. Not sure how much that affects anything but I battled with it last season and it got fixed by swapping in a different dog bone thingy.
3) Power steering felt super light when first going on track for warm up lap but only for about 30 seconds. Then it would feel like the normal weight. any ideas on this? New turn 1 pump and pulley and reman'd rack.
4) I think it has a c6z shifter but I had trouble hitting 3rd only a few times (turn 7 only) but enough that I think I need an aftermarket shifter. MGW?

For comparison, in my old car (electron blue z street/track car) from last season, my best was 1:12.8. It was only like 50 lbs heavier, same hp, but 40 ft/lbs less torque. and it had m12 tranny where as this new car (to me) has the MN6 tranny.

Notes: DTC70 pads up front and Wilwood H racing pads on rear. Need to put on a new front outer rotor ring.

Data Analysis:

Segment Times. "1" is white car and "2" is blue car. Green highlighted numbers are the best segment times.

"Target" in the top left of the chart is the theoretical best lap if all the best segments were put together.

Ouch!!! in T4 and T7, I was quicker in the blue car! Very interesting!!! 

I wish I was analyzing this data during the race weekend! Bone head!

This is comparing MPH. White car is on inside, blue car is on outside. Look at the color key bottom right. 

color chart is very telling. i definitely drove faster/better in the white car (although of course I can do better). as the colors show:
had more speed entering turn one
had more speed entering turn two
had better exit speed leaving turn four
got up to speed faster after turn five (the uphill right)
hit a much higher top speed in the straight before turn 6 (hard left)
had more entry speed going into turn 6.
Maintained higher consistent speed in the lightbulb (last turn before main straight)
Got up to speed faster exiting lightbulb

White car data is 1, blue car is 2. Graph on bottom showing higher speed in white car (1), but not in all spots. I left time on the table; eg look at 1200 ft (S2), and at 5000 ft (T7):



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