Updated 4/26/2013

Wilwood pads, also fit AP calipers. Pad shape 7416 and 7420:

1) Barely used (might even be new) Wilwood 15Q-6828 (pad 7416): PolyMatrix Q Semimetallic Superlite Set - $80 shipped ($125 new)

2) New Wilwood 150-8854K (pad 7420): BP-10 compound, 20mm pad thickness (.80 inch) - $55 shipped ($65 new)

Rigid tow hooks (not hinged). $75 shipped for both (front and rear). No bolts included.

Electron blue gas tank: very good + condition, $60 shipped:

Corvette Mods.com z06 screens: new $90 plus shipping. Below - $80 shipped!!

Z06 replica wheel, 18x10.5, +53mm back spacing (I think stock z06 backspacing is +58m). Rattle can painted but flaking off in spots. $150 shipped:


Stock corvette rear discs (5). Seasoned and great replacements. Drop off only at race track. $75 for all five.

Brake calipers, all four (front and rear), stainless lines, brackets $100 for all (plus shipping - heavy). Not pretty but functional

Fat Momma Frame savers - $55 new plus shipping. $35 shipped:

Goodyear F1 Supercar tires, stock c5 z06 sizes. $300 for all four. two (2) 265/40/17, two (2) 295/35/18.
Used but lots of meat and wear is even.

c5 z06 titanium cat-back mufflers/tailpipes.

The first set at the top of the picture below is complete. $300 picked up.

The 2nd set has a busted tailpipe on the left side muffler. it's a clean break and can be welded. $200 picked up.

The last one pictured is just passenger side. $150 picked up.

K&N air filter for 1997-2004 corvette $55 new shipped typically. This needs to be cleaned: $25 shipped

Everything below this point has been SOLD:

SOLD - Spec Stage 3 clutch and pressure plate $150 plus shipping

SOLD - T1 sway bars, front and rear, with LG quiet rod-ends $650 plus shipping


SOLD - Moroso 23900 - Moroso Oil Accumulator

3 QT Moroso version of accusump with free electric valve kit - $150 plus shipping/paypal
Comes with only what is pictured.


SOLD - 1) Kumho v710 295-40-17, build date 24th week of 2011 (barely used) on decent (brake dust) z06 17x9.5 wheels OEM. $350 for the pair. 
SOLD - 2) Hoosier A6 275-40-17, build date 40th week of 2011 on MINT z06 17x9.5 wheels OEM. $400 for the pair.
SOLD - 3) Hoosier R6 295-40-17, build date 37th week of 2010 on good z06 17x9.5 wheels OEM. $300 for the pair. 
SOLD - 4) Not pictured but another pair of Hoosier R6 295-40-17, don’t know build date off hand, on good z06 17x9.5 wheels OEM. $300 for the pair.


SOLD - M12 z06 transmission - $1000 or best offer: