Below is just a mock up/ photoshop of what the new paint scheme will look like:

All paint work done by

First we must paint all the doors, door jams and trunk jam:

Spraying a little primer/sealer on drivers side door jam:

Previous owner had work done on doors but they used fiberglass which is not the correct way to fix a corvette panel. See the gray repair job below from previous shop:

Finished jams look AWESOME!

Prepping hood for black paint:

Interior stripped and cleaned in preparation of Lizard Skin Ceramic heat barrier:

Interesting brace I found on drivers side, under the clutch master cylinder. See the tube down there?

Under side of hood painted flat black:

Headlight lids removed. Here you can see the headlight delete kit. Pass side:

Headlight delete kit, drivers side. The overspray and red parts will be fixed shortly:

Drivers side fender; inside section now black (was red as above):

Lizard Skin ceramic barrier to protect against heat applied:

3/26 update - Finished!

Rollover Image - Before and after trailer being painted

Huge thanks go out to Bruno and Jay at

Now we need some vinyl! Click here to see the vinyl/ graphics

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