8/3 - 8/4/2013 - NASA TT @ NJMP Lightning

Me following my friend Alan (600 rwhp CTS-V). Nice counter steering by me at 1:25:



Above was on Saturday and was taking it easy, intermittent rain. Ran 1:13’s (my best from April is 1:11.0). But car felt loose (more about that below) and I was tentative because of the rebuilding process (mental and car’s mechanical).

This is from Sunday, but video from the same caddy chasing me. Nice slide again at 1:25



I think I held a lot back (mentally) but I think there were some mechanical reasons the car didn’t feel 100% to me.

I checked my alignment from before hitting the alignment rack this time and it was -1.25 in the rear.  But after the alignment, they only gave me -1.00. It should be -1.5!
Also the rear toe in before was .25 before but they only gave me .15 after. I adjusted the toe at the event in between the sessions and I think I got it to about .25 toe-in in the rear.  So I think some of the twitchiness I experienced on corner exit is due to this alignment difference. I'll fix this week though.

The other issue is brake confidence. I have a very long pedal throw and it’s not consistent. A good way to tell if your master is leaking (internally) is, with the car off, press the pedal a few times to get rid of the vacuum. It should then be very hard. Now, keep steady firm pressure on the pedal. If it slowly sinks, you have an internal leak. Mine sinks!!
So that is what I experience with my brakes so I just bought a new master this week and will get it installed before Pitt.
EDIT: new master cylinder installed and brakes are much better!

There was a nice older guy with a new z06, pfadt coilovers, R6 hoosiers. He was about 65 years old. He had a brake malfunction supposedly and wrecked it very very hard. The whole rear window blew out. Go to 1:55 in the video:


We didn’t have enough people in our class to win any tires so we all bumped up to TTU class to qualify for tires. My best time on Sunday was 1:12.4 and I won 2 tires for the weekend.

Saturday Results: http://www.nasa-tt.com/Northeast_Regional_Results/p2041_articleid/65

Sunday Results: http://www.nasa-tt.com/Northeast_Regional_Results/p2041_articleid/66

Next event, PittRace in 2 weeks. Never been there but if I do well, I will win their Northeast Series Championship (3 events from Glen, NJMP, Pitt).

Marc adjusting toe-in. Was at 1/8 toe-in and we put it to 1/4 toe-in:

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