Sept 28-29, 2013 - NASA Northeast TT @ Watkins Glen

For this event, I used sticker Hoosier 275's and Ferrodo 1.11 pads. Ran a 2:05.5 on Saturday but was way off the pace on Sunday (driver wasn't pushing hard). Here is a video of my best lap:


Some notes by fellow racers:

1. Carry more speed through T1 - if you aren't forced out onto the track out curbing, you can go faster. -great job through the esses, most people who drive a Corvette lift - you don't.

2. When exiting the bus stop, I think you can be more to the left (meaning all the way up on the 2nd set of curbing on the left) to set up better for the next corner.

3. Carry more speed around the toe (if possible). Once again if you aren't forced all the way out to that extra little patch of pavement they give us there at the exit - you can go faster. 

4. T10 don't brake at all. I give a small lift only if I have to.

5. Carry more speed around T11 - not to sound like a broken record but if you aren't forced all the way out to the wall onto the curbing - you can go faster.

5. Try to tuck into the apex of 1 so your right side tires are on the rumble strip. That may give you a little more speed going into 2 (you may have to trail brake a little more to get into the apex).

6. Try and tuck in toward the yellow line a little sooner when going through 5C (Carousel). Get the right side wheels on the yellow line by the time you get to the break in the guard rail on the right just before the flagger.

Below are the best times from Saturday's runs (this is the grid order for Sunday):

Saturday's trophy:

Cleaned up before the race:

Segment times of the Pirelli run (2:03.2) versus this weekends Hoosier run (2:05.5). The hash marks in the map below correspond to the segment times in the chart under it:

Brown Pirelli g forces versus gray lines for Hoosiers:

Mario's tire had an internal belt give up:

C7 during parade laps at lunch:

Factory Five 818 kit car with Subaru drivetrain running 2:02's and weighing 2215 with driver:

Joon's cool M coupe:

Catch can redux - the petcocks always leaked on CCA cans so I replaced them with a different kind (Motion Pro Fuel Valve Petcock 1/4" NPT & 1/4" barb):


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