NASA Time Trial (TTA) 2002 Z06 Corvette
Sponsored by First Class Alignment & Repair
on Dolson Avenue in Middletown, NY
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7/27/11 - Car being picked up in Texas. Click here.

8/1/11 - Car arrived! Yay! Click here.
    Click here to view the trouble codes on the car's computer when it arrived. Going to have to get the EBCM fixed to clear the ABS/Traction codes (1214).
    Click here for pics from the previous owner.
    I ordered a Hotchkis Front Hollow Sway bar which is 32mm in diameter.
    I would love to get some CCW SP500's. But for now, I bought these chrome OEM Z06 wheels; they weigh a lot less than the chrome reproduction wheels that most people get. Click here.
    Previous owner confirmed LS7 clutch package with steel flywheel, slave cylinder, throw out bearing was installed in June 2011 (69,xxx miles).

8/10/11 Mikey from Thrust Performance installed koni single adjustable shocks and removed supercharger.

8/16/11 Got the car detailed, removed body side moldings, clear bra and side window tint. Click here.

8/23/11  Removed the EBCM (electronic brake control module) from the ABS pump and will send it out for repair. removal/installation manual. Received back and installed on 9/4/11; all fixed! Best $50 I ever spent. The repair guy is and I found him on ebay.
9/3/11 Eric at First Class Alignment and Repair installed the Hotchkis front sway bar and gave the car a moderately aggressive street alignment. Click here.

10/9/2011 - New rotors, hawk blues and hoosier R6's. Instructions say not to run all out on new hoosiers. Take it easy for 20 minutes and let them cure for one week. Pics and Vid and Data

10/16/2011 - Back to MMC. Click here for pics and vid.

10/23/2011 - New personal best!!! Click here for pics and vids

2/3/2012  Off-season maintenance done:

Getting prepped for time trial events with NASA:

2/25/2012 Charles at Sick Speed Performance dyno'd the car. 340 hp SAE. He also installed the following parts:

Click here for Dyno Chart and for pics of the Oiling Mods

Still need to do the following before April 2012:

3/17/2012 - First track day of 2012!!! MMC opened its gates for some winter driving (if you call 65 degrees and sunny "winter"). Just installed the Sparco racing seat and Hardbar harness bar and Schroth 6 point harnesses. See pics and video -->  Click here 

3/24/2012 - Finally finished installing the Sparco Evo XL passenger seat. Pics here

4/6/12 new fuel filter and coolant flush (distilled water, water wetter and dexcool)

4/18 Charles at Sick Speed Performance tuned the car (with a huge safety margin so that it will live under harsh conditions; i.e. 25 minute road race sessions). We got 360 hp and 350 tq. with a Callaway Honker Cold Air Kit. Click here for dyno graph

4/20 - NJMP Lightning with NASA NE. Friday was practice and Saturday was my first TT event. I came in first place and set a track record for the class. Click here

4/30 - My first time at Watkins Glen. Best lap was 2:11 with traffic. Click here for pics and video

5/18 Corner weighting by Mike. Results here. ECS did pfadt poly mounts, SKF race hubs in the rear, ECS/DRM spindle mount brake duct kit, Phoenix Performance front and rear tow hooks

5/23/12 - First Class did pfadt motor mounts and alignmentMatt and I did 2 piece DBA slotted rotors (front) and hawk DTC 70 front/60 rear pads. Pics

5/26 and 5/27 - NJMP Thunderbolt with NASA. Pics and vid here. Not a good outing; had trouble due to alignment settings

6/9 and 6/10 - NJMP Thunderbolt with NARRA. Pics and vid here. 2nd place on both days. Beat personal best by 1.5 seconds.

June 30 - MMC - "66" configuration with Seth. Hit rev limiter in 4th at end of straight. 146 mph? I used "used" Kumho v710's, 295/40/17 front and 305/30/18 rear. ECS did tranny and rear fluid (amsoil) and new LS6 valve springs (part no. 12499224)

July 1 - Lime Rock with SCDA. Pics and vid here.

July 14-15 - Pocono Long Course with NASA NE. First time with Raybestos pads. I was using last season's R6 tires. Click here for pics and vid.

August 4-5 - NJMP Lightning with NASA NE. 2nd place both days. First time with lightweight battery. I used fresh A6's. Click here for pics and vid.

August 25-26 - Monticello Motor Club Time Trials with NARRA. Removed AIR system. New 275-18 Hoosier A6's. Swapped tappered pads side to side before event. New alignment before event (-3 front, -1.7 rear, less toe than before). Click here for my pics and video of the event. ----- Click here for NARRA press release

September 29 - 30: Watkins Glen with NASA Northeast. Fixed passenger side upper control arm bushing. Will the fix work? Pics here.

Winter Plans - MN6 transmission and RPS ultra lightweight clutch/ flywheel. Pics here. To be installed in Snowflake.

October 20-21 Watkins Glen with NARRA. Pics and Vids here.

2012 Season Summary:

April 21st New Jersey M.P. (Lightning Course)  NASA 1st place 1:12.8 TTA Track Record
May 26th New Jersey M.P. (Thunderbolt Course) NASA 2nd place 01:33.9
May 27th New Jersey M.P. (Thunderbolt Course) NASA 3rd place 01:35.4
June 9th New Jersey M.P. (Thunderbolt Course) NARRA 2nd place 01:32.1
June 10th New Jersey M.P. (Thunderbolt Course) NARRA 2nd place 01:33.4
July 14th Pocono Int-l Raceway (Long Courses) - Clockwise NASA 2nd place 01:32.8
July 15th Pocono Int-l Raceway (Long Courses) - Counter Clockwise NASA 2nd place 01:31.9
Aug 4th New Jersey M.P. (Lightning Course) NASA 2nd place 01:13.3
Aug 5th New Jersey M.P. (Lightning Course) NASA 2nd place 01:13.4
Aug 25th Monticello Motor Club NARRA 1st place 02:33.9
Aug 26th Monticello Motor Club NARRA 1st place 2:33.2 TT2 Track Record
Sept 29th Watkins Glen, NY NASA 2nd place 02:13.2
Sept 30th Watkins Glen, NY NASA 2nd place 02:13.7
Oct 20th Watkins Glen, NY NARRA 1st place 2:06.1 TT3 Track Record
Oct 21st Watkins Glen, NY NARRA 1st place 02:07.0

This car is retired from racing. Thank you to 1st Class Alignment & Repair for the unwaivering support!

But the action will continue in the 2013 season with SNOWFLAKE!