I bought this car in late 2012. It's been a SCCA T1 car for a decade. It's a 1999 FRC but has an LS6 motor. The car's computer is from a 2003 (as shown by HP Tuners). I don't know what else was converted on it (torque tube, rear, ABS system).

I think ABS was working fine, as I autocrossed it and open tracked it at NJMP and did really well with no issues and I drove it hard and didn't skid or flat spot any tires using race pads.

Then I took it to the Glen and had a near disaster with brake lockup caused by ABS wires from the right front tire melted against the exhaust. I noticed the C1255 code (EBCM internal malfunction) after the spinout there.

Cleared the codes and I saw it again yesterday (H = history).

From what I'm reading, if I have this error (C1255), the ABS should not be functioning. But I think it is.

Next step: put on old worn out slicks, wet down my driveway and drive to invoke ABS to confirm.

If a broken/malfunction EBCM means that I don't have traction control, that is fine since I don't use traction control. But I want the ABS to be functioning.


The numbers on the EBCM read:


Delphi D

model: 09356961

serial #52230016


ABS pump reads:
Bosch 927

0 265 219 008

A 06911 094

962 05 37


Option codes sticker from glove box but very difficult to read but this doesn't have the active handling option (active handling RPO # JL4). I think the Non-Active Handling code is JL9 but I don't see that on the sticker either:

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