Here is a picture from the opening lap:

Here is the video of the crash:



Cracked tub:

Fender liner ripped out attachment points. Rocker panel ripped out of quarter panel:

Replacing all the right rear suspension components:

Once on the lift, we discussed the real damage - Frame Damage. Roll the mouse over the image below:

Exhaust pushed to the right side of floorpan/ under belly:

Notice how the front of the lower control arm is higher than the rear; they should be level. Roll mouse over image:

The right rear wheel is pushed forward (towards the front of the car):

Right front wheel took a hit as well and bent the tie rod; we just heated it up to unbend it to get the car mobile.

Bend above gas tank from where the tire and suspension hit:

Below is the drivers side steering rack. End piece got busted off. I hope the zip tie will keep the booty in place.


On the frame machine at Phoenix Performance:

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