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2002 M3 - Topaz Blue Metallic

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Factory Options:


Aftermarket Modifications:

8/30/2010 - Painting front fenders and passenger door

8/31/2010 - Took her home for the first time

9/7/2010 - Got some racing wheels and tires

9/9/2010 - Alignment. Asked the guy for -2.5 camber front but he couldn't get that. Hope the race tires don't rub. Will find out in 2 days.

9/11/2010 - First autocross. No rubbing! Car felt good.  Results

9/18/2010 - 2nd autocross at meadowlands.  Results

9/21/2010 - Stoptech stainless brake lines and Motul RBF 600 Racing Brake Fluid. Also, the Inspection II was done minus valve adjustments @ 61k miles. Oil fill procedure. Includes:

9/25/2010 - First time taking the M3 on MMC full course.  Info and video here.

10/2/2010 - Revelations...I think the car has 3.91 gears.  See why here.

10/16/2010 - Jon at Tonggi Tuning installed an Autosolutions 30% short shifter kit, Rogue Engineering transmission mounts, Turner Motorsports braided steel clutch line, removed the clutch delay valve, new guibo (flex disc), inspected the center bearing (it was perfect; looked new as did the driveshaft), bled the clutch and brakes. I also installed an air scoop made by PowerM3 and adjusted the front Dinan sway bar to the stiffest setting. The car feels really good and tight now. I want to hit the track soon to see if my 2nd gear issue is resolved. Some pics of the installation here.

10/23/10 - Dyno day! Charles at Sick Speed Performance strapped the M3 to his 224x DynoJet to see how much power it's making. 288 hp! Click here for dyno chart.

10/26/10 - I'm happy to report the RE tranny mounts and autosolutions SSK fixed my 2nd gear issue and I chopped off 2 seconds today, still with way early braking because of the stock pads:

Not all roses... I had a PS issue in the same turn in each lap. Lost it for few seconds but came back shortly there after. Another issue I had today was while rev-matching, I could not hear the motor (all stock exhaust) and sometimes my big foot had too much RPM's that I didn't realize until I felt a surge and looked at the tach. I wish I could hear the engine better; maybe headers over winter.

11/27/10 - Got the cars' exterior detailed. No more swirl marks or light scratches; looks great!

2/6/11 - Headers arrived. Pics

2/17/11 - Headers dyno'd. Click here. Also had the Inspection II valve adjustment done (only exhaust side needed shimming).

3/26/2011 Oil and filter changed at 67k miles.

4/9/2011 - First autocross of the season. Click here.

4/30/2011 - Some track time at Monticello. Click here.

5/14/2011 - Autocross with NNJR SCCA at Meadowlands. Click here.

5/21/2011 - My first ProSolo event. Click here.