4/12/2010 Picked up Bob's 1998 318ti today. 162k miles and a blown head gasket and probably warped head.

They only weigh 2860 lbs. Too bad they only make 138 hp @ 6000 rpm/133 lb-ft @ 4300 rpm. Maybe I can fix that.






Left rear fender has some rust. I guess I'll have to cut it off and put fiberglass fenders so I can run some real big wheels and tires.

More rust on bottom of passenger door:


Head removed.

no compression. Caused by area between top valves worn or melted away?

Head gasket actually looks fine with no breaks:

Pistons and piston walls look good:

Stock header looks might fine:


4/23 Used Motor picked up:

It was from the car below. Too bad I don't have the Downing Atlanta supercharger.