1998 Pontiac Firebird Formula WS6 with 1LE Autocross Package

ASC build #2626

I purchased this car on 7/1/14 from Texas. Here is the "For Sale" post/thread: http://www.frrax.com/rrforum/index.php?showtopic=16914

"It has 101k miles (or will soon, I have been driving it). The suspension was replaced with the correct OEM parts 1,000 miles ago, down to have NOS Koni shocks rebuilt to make sure the seals were fresh. It drives perfect and runs great. The engine was replaced under extended warranty around 72k miles (I have the paperwork) so it is not the original engine. The previous owner told me he had an LS7 clutch installed. The paint isn't perfect but is pretty nice. Someone got aggressive with a buffer on the hood at some point. The interior is very nice, no cracked dash or anything, but there are some stains on the carpet. Everything except the air conditioning works. The freon leaked out last year and I haven't had it serviced. Asking $12k as I have more than that in it, but I know..... Offers accepted, good homes given consideration".

After having shipping issues, here she is, home at last:

Firebird Production Numbers - There were only 2 silver 1LEs built in '98, so the other silver one is VIN: 2G2FV22G4W2230427, ASC# 2402.

Carfax and other info on this particular car

Window Sticker

Random pics and info from previous owners

Notes from previous owner:


Things replaced: Cooling system (proactive) including radiator. Console lid, upper dash, drivers side seatbelt. On the suspension, I replaced pretty much everything. Up front I bought NOS Koni DA’s with the GM PN’s, and sent them in to be rebuilt since they were old (but NIB). The rear Koni’s are from my buddies 2002 SS 1LE, and they were also rebuilt. The only used parts in the suspension were the springs (off a low mile 1LE and the tags are there) and the front upper control arms (20k miles, off same friends 2002 1LE). The front and rear LCA’s are the right 1LE parts and were new 1500 miles ago. I also tracked down the right ‘98 catback for it. It is uncut. Drivers side mirror (whole assembly) was replaced with new as the adjustment mechanism broke). The trans mount was also replaced with the right 1LE part.

Pretty much all the photos I have of it are here: http://ls1tech.com/forums/members/98_1le-1792-albums-1998-formula-ws6-1le-30998.html

Issues: It has some small door ding paint chips on the passenger door. Hard to see unless you get real close but I am mentioning everything I can think of. Someone got aggressive with a buffer on the hood at some points and there are a few spots. There is a spot on the rear bumper where someone bumped into something, but it is minor.
The only thing wrong in the interior is there is a small crack in the passenger door panel. Not in the usual place, the ebony piece around the handle. I bought a replacement from hawksthirdgen, but they sent me the wrong side and I have never bothered getting another. The door panels are not cracked where most crack (power windows cause the crack), and the upper dash has been replaced. There are no rips in the interior.
The engine runs great. The trans doesn’t shift like a new one but doesn’t jump out of gear or have any issues. Rear diff seems perfect.

There is zero rust on the car. It easily passes inspection and drives right. The alignment was typical for a stock ride height F-body and even on both sides. I had them max out neg. camber, max out pos. caster, and set a tiny amount of toe in.

I was planning to replace the entire brake system proactively with OEM parts but didn’t get around to it. The brakes work fine.

The tires have plenty of tread but are older. They were on it when I bought it.

It is a great car. I’m not dumping it because it has problems. I just have too much crap and can’t keep it all.

Making it My Own

So here starts some simple changes and modifications I've done to personalize the car.

8/2/014 - Autocross with 18" wheels and tires, swaybar. Set up by 1st Class Alignment and Repair in Middletown, NY. Pics here

11/1/2014 - I replaced the stock rear hatch with low rise spoiler with a high rise spoiler from a Trans Am. This also required swapping out the support struts because the TA hatch is heavier. Pics here.

12/2/2014 - To see how healthy the motor is, I had 1st Class Alignment dyno the car on their dyno-jet. To my surprise, the car made 320 hp and 338 ft/lbs torque. Completely stock car but remember the motor was replaced by dealer 30k miles ago and now hows the new 241 casting cylinder heads which supposedly are good for a few extra ponies. Also the WS6 has bigger lower airbox and the cat-back/muffler is supposed to be worth some power too. For comparison, my 1999 firebird made 290 hp and 310 tq so this car makes signficantly more power. Dyno sheet here

12/6/2014 - I've been collecting a few parts as I found deals on the interwebs. Charles at Sick Speed Performance handled the installation at his facitliy in Florida, NY. Major pieces include headers, LS6 intake and aluminum flywheel. Click here for pics and details.

2015 updates: